I'm currently based in Chicago in a live/workspace with my main squeeze and french bulldog named Carlton. I'm the self-proclaimed air drumming champ of the Midwest. If I had to choose between morning or evening, I’d pick late afternoon. I have a Bachelors degree in Literature, and it makes a wonderful bookmark. I love most things—including but not limited to— classic literature, good design, days off, satire, traveling, finding the perfect present for someone, crafting, late night jogging, photo styling, dads who rollerblade, dads who rollerblade well, editing video, acoustic anything, Bukowski poems, hoarding hobbies, long bike rides, dinner for breakfast, Tetris, free shipping, new places, smashingwordstogether, blending paints, comeback tours, writer’s blocks, really old people, severe thunderstorms, finally realizing a word I’ve been trying to remember, good grammar, coupons, city restaurants, renaming everything,  staying in, and storytelling.