Greg + Maria >> Married

Capturing Greg + Maria's wedding is why we get to honestly throw around words like "dream job." 

Take two lovely humans. Add their adoring families, chockfull of love and culture. Set them on one Nicaraguan coast, bursting with colors and life. It's just pure dreamy. There's no way around it.

Early in the week, we arrived in Managua, the nation's bright capital and made the two-hour trek to the coast of Las Salinas by way of dirt and cobblestone roads late that evening. When we woke the next morning and pulled back the curtains, we found a tidy paradise in our backyard. Palm trees, pool, ocean, surf. Nothing lacking.

We began capturing their wedding right away. We started on the evening of their welcome dinner. Their families flew in from various corners of the world, and Greg + Maria set out to give them a proper welcome. And boy, did they. Everyone piled into what I can only think to describe as safari-style trucks and made their way to a beach house lined with a family-style table just as the sun was turning pink in the sky. The evening quickly turned into boisterous chatter over sangrias which turned into boisterous chatter over dinner which turned into boisterous chatter around a beach bonfire. 

The next morning, they prepped for marriage. Their families helped them get ready in their separate beach houses and they shared their first look at an Argentinian-inspired estate. We set out to find the most gorgeous views (and succeeded, I'd say) before they signed their Ketubah and married under their gorgeous floral-lined chuppah. The evening carried on with quite a few surprises, including a mariachi band and fireworks over the ocean. 

After dancing well into the next morning, Greg + Maria graciously hosted an early brunch where we reluctantly bowed out.

Capturing Greg + Maria's wedding week photos was our top priority. However, we wanted to do something a little extra for the couple who put so much care into crafting their perfect wedding and flew us out of the country to be there for it. So, Greg + Maria, it's been a hard secret to keep, but we put together a little video for you and we're so excited to share it with you both!