2014 Recap

I'm overwhelmed. When the year started, we never could've imagined all of the opportunities that were about to present themselves to us. 

Before I delve into those, I'll preface them with a quick background check. December 15th marked the two-year anniversary of the first time I shot a wedding. On that date, I had rolled into a small cabin buried in the mountains of South Carolina with a single Canon 5D Mark II and a single lens. I was hundreds of miles away from home and had left Daniel there. The following year, I quit my full-time job midway through the year to shoot 13 weddings with my main squeeze. Our first wedding season. 

This blog post marks the end of our second wedding season. It took us all around the city, to the mountains of Oregon and Montana, to LA, and to Southampton. If you skim a little farther back, you'll find 30+ fancy-faced couples who let us into their lives and trusted us to capture them this year. You'll also find that it was very hard for me to officially narrow in on a sweetest, most genuine, kindest or just overall best couple of 2014. Every time I try, I remember how awesome another couple was and it becomes a quick ten-way tie. Daniel and I often talk about hosting a giant get together so that all of these amazing newlyweds can become fast friends. Let's do that.

Like last year, we've had a few opportunities to work with some of our favorite musicians. In addition to shooting a wedding for one of our favorite artists, we were also able to shoot promos for Owen and fly out to NYC to shoot photos + video for American Football's comeback shows. Early next year, Daniel will be heading out with You Blew It! to shoot their first headlining tour and is planning on doing more of that sort of thing next year. 

Finally, we've had some great opportunities present themselves via Instagram this year. Thanks to that creative platform, we've been able to get our paws on more commercial work. In addition to some smaller gigs, we were offered the opportunity to shoot the fall campaign for GAP. I don't know why they call it a campaign. It was a cam-pleasure. We're stoked to announce and share more commercial work with you guys in 2015.

Here's a not-so-quick roundup of some of our favorite weddings, elopements, engagements, personal projects, travel images, promos, live shows, commercial work, and mobile snaps that we captured digitally, on film, and with our phones. If you hired us, worked with us, inquired with us, checked out our work, or supported us in any way, thank you thank you thank you. We feel blessed. We feel spoiled. We're constantly reminded of how much God provides. We can't wait to keep growing. Thanks for helping us do that.

We're taking on fewer weddings, elopements, + engagements next year to make way for more commercial work and we are almost full for 2015. Looking forward to everything that next year will bring!

American Football - "Never Meant" | Webster Hall | NYC