Family Session >> The Kinsellas

It will easily be the coolest thing I did/will do this decade.

I've been a longtime Owen fan. This band's been the soundtrack to a huge chunk of my growing up, and it's forever impossible to tell how much these poignant lyrics set to charming melodies have helped or hurt over the years. Regardless, Owen will always be my all-time favorite.

In addition to the pretty tunes, Owen's Mike Kinsella also co-created the sweet family in today's post. Shooting them was a dream. He and his wife Ryan were nothing if not friendly, witty, and accommodating. I'm so happy that they allowed Daniel and me poke around their family outing to the Logan Square Farmer's Market and family dinner at their home.

It was a joy to capture this afternoon, and my biological clock basically exploded while editing these precious frames (you'll get it). For the love of homemade spaghetti, please send more lifestyle family sessions our way.