Video Premiere: Luke Wolf

There’s a hill that won’t budge in the middle of Crown Point that can take your breath and complacency away. I’ve seen it. At 3 a.m. two summers ago, Luke took me there.

It’s the kind of hill that you can’t find before 3 a.m. During the day, it doesn’t exist.

That hill and that summer were packed with nothing short of adventure if I ever saw it. Luke made sure of it.

These days, that hill is Narnia—I couldn’t find it if I tried. It couldn’t be reached without first pedaling over a golf course, sitting on a stranger’s front porch, and analyzing the frame of a house that somebody else almost built anyway.

I ventured out with Luke again recently. We forged through grass walls that were taller than me, bugs that were stronger than me, and tree houses that were loftier than me (all puns intended) to create a video for a song that he wrote for his brother called “And My Brother.”

The final copy looks like this. If it tugs at your toes, pick what you pay for Luke Wolf’s CD here.

Luke Wolf - And My Brother.