Sometimes Daniel and I walk away from meetings and engagements and weddings and we reflect. We talk about what we love about each couple. We talk about what we think they love about each other. One of us presses her hands together and holds them to her chest and is so thankful.

Nate and Kate left us that way. When we met them. When we shot their engagement photos. When we showed up to their wedding and when we left it. They are two of the kindest people we've met and they're bursting at the seams with love for each other. It totally makes sense why they're together and why they'll stay that way.

On the morning of their wedding, Kate was in a terrible car accident with her bridesmaids in tow. What she could've let ruin her day didn't seem to make her even budge a little. She was calm and graceful. She was bright and excited. She was about to become Mrs. Birky.

They got ready at separate houses. At Kate's parents' house, the girls wore shirts Kate made for the occasion and TOMS they each picked. At Nate and Kate's, the guys wore Chucks and handpicked Paisley ties. When they were ready, they met each other near a frozen lake. Through tears and disbelief and a whirlwind of "you're so beautiful"s, they held each other and prepared to start their lives together officially.

Their ceremony was sweet and ended with two lines of sparklers and nothing but well wishes. When it ended, they crossed a parking lot that led to a cozy room glowing purple and gold. After dinner was served and cakes were cut and speeches were made, the floor opened up and the newlyweds shared their first dance together as snow danced from the ceiling and lightly brushed them.

The night ended with dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. It was the perfect end to their perfect day.